Our Story

While leading a support group for parents of children on the autism spectrum, Bahia would frequently listen to the parents discuss playdates that had gone wrong and how a meltdown would mean that their child would not be invited back. The parents feared that their children would grow up without the experience of a close bond with a peer. Bahia realized many of the parents had the same concerns.

With Bahia's knowledge and experience with autism, she knew that simply pairing these children based on their age and/or interest was not enough. Children on the spectrum have very specific characteristics that shouldn’t be ignored, but taken into consideration to make a successful match. She approached her mother, who had recently become a computer programmer, to see if between them, they could come up with a way to connect these children. As they got into the planning of the site they envisioned, they knew that this service would benefit a lot of families within the autism community. They also knew that they couldn’t do it on their own.

Having worked with Dr. Amanda Nicolson to help make Amanda’s dream of opening the California Autism Center become a reality, Bahia witnessed how eager Amanda was to help this population. Knowing Amanda’s level of expertise within the autism community and in starting a new business, Bahia and Laurie knew she would be an important asset to the team.

As a relatively new programmer, Laurie knew she would need the help of an experienced Sr. Developer. She turned to someone she had worked with on a previous project, Henry Jackson, a 20+ year veteran developer and founder of HAJ Computer Consulting Group. With Henry’s expertise in coding and having founded a successful business, he too became an important asset to the team.

The team quickly realized their solution to the playdate problem could extend to connect people on the spectrum through all stages of their lives. After their release of A Playdate That Gets You, they plan to release A Friend That Gets You. This will make matches of preteens all the way up to senior citizens, looking for friendships or romantic relationships. Soon to follow, will be A Roommate That Gets You, matching those who are looking to take the next step towards independence.

It's Gets You Inc.’s mission to help connect individuals on the autism spectrum with others that truly understand them, regardless of the stage of life they are in.